Solar Water Heating

Solar Panels for heating water offer savings of up to 85% on your water heating bills during the summer months, although winter savings will be minimal due to the strength of the sun.
The panels are fitted with small tubes through which water circulates via the bottom of the water cylinder. As the water warms, it rises in the cylinder and is made available for use via the hot tap. This water should be used during the day as it will cool at night without the sun warming it.
Solar water heating systems are unable to heat radiators. Whilst this system does not currently attract government (FIT) payments, it is considerably cheaper to install with an average system costing around four thousand pounds. Installation grants of up to twenty per cent are often available for systems fitted by an approved MCS (Micro Certification Scheme) installer.

Calculating the actual financial benefits of producing solar hot water can be difficult because your boiler probably warms the radiators at the same time as warming tap water. Therefore the largest savings are often made during the summer months when radiators are not often required. A standard three bedroomed house could expect to save around £500 on their annual hot water bills, making a total payback period of around eight years.